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your reward points hoping it'll pay off big? we work for you, the pit falls you can avoid. the news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 1211. >> even at 11:00 it's still hot. feels like the middle of the summer day at night. we want to go to wyatt who is out in the heat tonight and it's pretty hot still. >> it still is. it's muggy and in just the last hour a bit of a breeze and -- see the trees moving a bit? we are getting a bit of a prize, it's maybe not quite as stagnant. anything to break up the hazy, humid night. let's look at some of the numbers and i will tell you it has been a hot day and it's going to be a warm evening out here as we go to the maps. balmy to say the least. temperatures were currently in the 80s, we just passed them. upper 80s, high temperatures up in the mid100's and the heat warnings up for the state tomorrow starting at ten, running through eight tomorrow evening, going to be another hot one and here is the detailed hour by hour forecast. we are probably getting up to around 101. today we set the all time record, 106 at pwi. even though we trim a few
with -- the ground was covered with -- it was a big hit with the kids. >> they weren't the only ones loving it. the monkeys also got into action with the snowman at their side and ice pops to keep them cool. the snow was also a hit, right there with that big guy. chilling, look at that. >> snow comes for monkeys. >> good. >> we -- back in the mid90's tomorrow. about as humid as houston texas normally is. then, throughout the -- we get a slight break-in here, tuesday, wednesday, slight break. going to be 90 still. >> all the same once it's over 90. >> i -- i haven't stopped sweating since last month. >> june 12th. >> have a good night. [ male announcer ] your favorite show is on or the game or there's an emergency and you need to know so you turn on your local tv and it's gone. right now, congressional action may threaten the local tv you rely on. millions could lose access to free local news. others could lose their hd unless congress protects local tv. tell congress: protect local tv. with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline, we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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